Our Current Line-up

Can of Arch Brewing's O'Red Ipa

Dinner Jacket O'Red IPA..........6.3%

This luscious ruby-coloured ale combines bold caramel flavours of the malts and the creamy texture of oats with the bracing crispness of North American hops for an unforgettable taste experience. Finishes with a pleasant dry bitter.

Flip Flop Porter..........6.8% ABV 

A perfect fall or winter beer! Our porter pours jet black with hints of coffee and dark chocolate due to the heavy kilning of our grain. This big flavoured beer finishes with a pleasant clean finish.


Piney McPine Face IPA..........5.5% ABV

Silly name? Maybe... but if it's good enough for British Navy Vessel it's good enough for this smooth tasting IPA! This tasty India Pale Ale has big juicy flavours of pine and citrus. Low on bitter, big on hoppy flavour!

Chesterfield Golden KSA..........5.4% ABV

This Kolsch styled ale is inspired by the crisp bright flavours of Cologne's favourite beer style! This lagered ale delivers a smooth flavour with a light biscuty and fruit flavour. Very easy drinking, so you'd better get a couple of these!

Old Homestead Alt-Style..........5.2% ABV

A German amber with rich carmilized flavours, but still very light and refreshing.

Before 5:00 Wheat........4.9% ABV

We modeled this beer after a true German hefewiezen. This wheat has sweet notes of banana upfront with a touch a spice on the finish and orange peel. A great beer for sipping on hot days!

Down Time Pilsner.........5% ABV

This easy drinking lager has light hints of citrus and grassy notes on the finish.


 Blueberry lager........5% ABV

Fresh blueberries infused into a lager makes this the perfect summer beer! This limited time only beer is only around for the summer!

Timmies Coffee Brown........6.1% ABV

An English brown style, infused with locally roasted coffee beans from Indie Roasters.

Saison of the Sun........6.5% ABV

Made in the tradition of the traditional Belgian farmhouse style, this brew has a bold sweetness with a smokey finish.

Hops Tonight........4% ABV

This easy drinking session IPA was brewed in collaboration with Newmarket's own Tokyo Police Club! Made with citra hops for a light bright citrus flavour.