The Arch Brewing Company Team

Suzie King

Position: The Beer Queen

Favourite Beer: Flip Flop Porter

Favourite Hobby: Opening Breweries



Brewmaster Paul Dickey

Billy "Don't Call Me Billy" King

Position: Mr. Beer

Favourite Beer: Piney McPine Face IPA

Favourite Hobby: Wearing plaid dinner jackets



James Groller

Position: Peddler of fine brews

Favourite Beer: Chesterfield KSA

Favourite Hobby: Taste testing all the beers



Position: Savvy Beer Slinger

Favourite Beer: Down Time Pilsner

Favourite Hobby: Building beer can pyramids


Paul Dickey 

Paul began brewing in 1986. He is currently a Grand Master Level I Judge within the Beer Judge Certification Program.

In the late 80s Paul started an apprenticeship with Michael Hancock at Denison’s Brewing Company. Following his early retirement from the Ministry of Health in 1999 he became the brewer at the Pepperwood Bistro and Brewery in Burlington and Head brewer at the Black Oak Brewing Co. in Oakville.

Paul’s own contract brewing company is Cheshire Valley Brewing Co. – a Virtual Brewery. Brewing at Black Oak, he is producing a variety of beers available on draught at better beer bars in Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph and London.

Over the years Paul has developed the Black Oak Saison, Nutcracker, Mill Street Coffee Porter, Kensington Brewing Co. Augusta Ale, Arch Brewing Co's Dinner Jacket Red IPA, Stoffville’s Red Falcoln and Double Trouble Brewing Company’s Hops and Robbers, Prison Break, Fire in the Rye, and French Press coffee stout.  Most recently he has developed products for North American Craft for the Trailer Park Boys.